Over 10 months, the U.S. Department of Education has helped nearly 100 adult education providers create high-quality program designs for programs that better prepare learners for apprenticeships. Pre-apprenticeships equip adult learners with the fundamental skills they need to succeed — opening up critical pathways into rewarding careers. 

To help more adult education providers develop and deliver pre-apprenticeship programs, the Department will host a virtual workshop on September 23. The workshop will share learnings from the challenge and preview the Department’s new self-paced online learning course — accessible to providers across the United States.

The new course is designed to help adult education providers develop new programs, as well as support providers who are refining existing pre-apprenticeships or implementing similar integrated education and training programs. It will include examples and resources that are relevant to a range of adult education providers and a variety of industries.

The session will culminate with a live Q&A, and attendees are encouraged to submit questions in advance to hello@rethinkadulted.com.